Writing with Video
ART 350/550

is an advanced composition course that engages students in a comprehensive exploration of contemporary rhetoric, creative inquiry, design thinking, media authorship, self-reflection, and social engagement.

Directed writings in concert with video production projects allow students to experience an integrated process of thinking, creating, and problem-solving. As students make media, their ability to also analyze and critique media messages undergoes radical transformation. They become more sophisticated authors and consumers.

WwV prepares students for a world in which composition and rhetoric have come off the page, and builds communication skills that extend well beyond the technologies of ink
and paper, while still honoring a writing-intensive learning process.

This site primarily serves students enrolled in ART 350 (undergraduate) or 550 (graduate) at the University of Illinois. Visitors should begin with the background screen, which explains the curricular philosophy and acknowledges those who have influenced the vision and methods that guide WwV.

creativity | design thinking | inquiry | engagement | self-reflection | composition | literacy